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Voodoo - Jeffery Wilds Deaver If Deaver's Voodoo were a movie, it would probably be some kind of splatter B movie. His debut work is at the same time his only novel with a paranormal topic. Just as the following thriller Always a Thief, Voodoo is out of print and will most likely never go into print again. This does not serve the book right in my opinion.
Leaving out the inevitable unrealistic scenes that the chosen topic brings with it, you have a thrilling, well told story already displaying Deaver's later style. I could really feel the confusion, panic and helplessness of the well drawn characters while at the same time, the religion of Voodoo was never ridiculed in any way. Sure, sometimes Deaver exaggerates a bit, but all together it is a solid book. Keeping in mind one reads an 80s horror novel, one can have a good time reading this. It's something different for Deaver – but not bad.