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Carte Blanche (James Bond, #37) - Jeffery Deaver Carte Blanche is the first James Bond novel I read. I know some of the Bond movies and I think in average they are good entertainment but nothing outstanding. So as a Deaver fan, I came to reading a Bond novel without too much knowledge about the character’s details and history.

Deaver managed to deliver a fast paced and thrilling spy novel centering on some up-to-date topics such as data mining and hunger relief. As is typical for him, he did quite a lot of research and added many interesting details to a twisting storyline. The character of James Bond is rather well developed and convincing. A minor drawback of the book is that a few of the UK’s espionage and countermeasure capabilities seem a bit too farfetched, but I guess that is also a little of what James Bond is all about. Once or twice situations occur in which characters behave in a way one would not expect considering their profession and training but all together Carte Blanche is a very good and enjoyable read.